Political Role-play Simulation Games


Participants play the roles of different leaders and other actors in organizations, communities and states on the world stage. Using the unique Fablusi online software creates custom-made dynamic and collaborative environments in which the personal and collaborative experience transforms into learning. More Info
Nuclear Options Simulation

NUCLEAR OPTIONS / Business Strategy and Politics

(2018, Oxford University, England)

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Domestic Sources Of US Foreign Policy Simulation

Domestic Sources Of US Foreign Policy

(2018, San Francisco State University, U.S.)

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Justice for all Rwandans Simulation

Rights for all Rwandans: 2017

(2017, ISS The Hague, Netherlands)


ISIS, Cyber Warfare and Regional Threats Simulation

ISIS, Cyber Warfare & Regional Threats

(2015, SIMLAB, Tel Aviv University, Israel)


An Agreement between Iran and the P5+1 Simulation

An Agreement between Iran and the P5+1: The Day After

 (2013, IDC, Herzeliya, Israel)