More Information on RPS

  • A 'simulation' is an artificial environment in which a particular set of conditions is created in order to study or experience something that exists or could exist in reality. (see research).

  • world map The Role Play Simulations we offer are social simulations. Using Web environments participants interact with each other by playing the roles of different leaders and other actors in organizations, communities, states, and indeed on the world stage.
  • In these simulations 'playing a role' is meant in 4 senses:

    1. as in playing a game to have fun
    2. as in playing a character in a theatre play
    3. as in playing with possibilities
    4. as in playing music with others

    Role Play and Simulations have been around for a long time. They have been used for educational and training purposes, for military strategic and tactical analysis and simply as games. We role play in childhood - imitating our parents, playing with dolls and cars, build sand castles and pretend we are princes and warriors - with the result that learning takes place which prepares us for life.

  • If you would like to know more about the pedagogical foundations of our Web-Based Role-Play Simulations see our Research Papers on Simulations.